Villa Rosaria was born out of passion

In creating Villa Rosaria, we relied on professionals in the sector, an immense thanks to our architect and designer Giovanni Claudio Vento, who with his inspiration and infinite professionalism, has created a corner of paradise with exclusive designs, obtaining an absolutely comfortable.

Villa Rosaria

Sleeps 10 people - 615 m2

Villa Rosaria can accommodate up to 10 people plus an infant.

It is equipped with two kitchens, terrace, heating and air conditioning, free Wifi, SPA with Sauna, heated indoor...

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From : €400

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The noble floor

The main floor has a staircase leading to the spa area, designed ad hoc and suspended in the air.

The staircase is supported only on two extreme points, the result of a careful study on the force of gravity.
The doors on the main floor are all customized and specially designed not found on the market.
The fireplace on the main floor is double-sided, designed by our architect, in order to have comfort and warmth while watching TV and the same warmth is obtained in the winter, using the dining area.
The cladding of the fireplaces on the main floor and the floor adjacent to the spa were made of stone and marble on an exclusive design.
Villa Rosaria | affitto villa esclusiva con soppalco a Gioiosa Marea Sicilia

The dormer window

The dormer has been designed to obtain a particular corner of privacy, there is a double bedroom and its private bathroom entirely immersed in wood.
Villa Rosaria | affitto villa esclusiva con sala a Gioiosa Marea Sicilia

The floor adjacent to the SPA

Those who want can take advantage of an annex located on the lower floor of the Villa, adjacent to the SPA, with the same comforts as the upper floor.
Villa Rosaria | affitto villa esclusiva con piscina a Gioiosa Marea Sicilia


The heated swimming pool is equipped with a salt and non-chlorine system, to caress the skin, it has the function of swimming against the current, perfect for a workout even on vacation, two absolutely relaxing water games, one energetic for the cervical and l other soft wrapping in aquatic therapy.

The SPA area, like the whole Villa in winter, is heated and you will find yourself in an enveloping atmosphere where you can still enjoy the view of the sea and the surrounding nature, with some spray of snow in the Christmas period, finding us at 600 meters. in height.
Villa Rosaria | affitto villa esclusiva sul mare a Gioiosa Marea Sicilia

The exteriors

Villa Rosaria looks like this, enveloping for those who live there, entrancing for the beholder!